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Costs of remodeling and renovations

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Costs of remodeling and renovations in Montreal

The average cost of renovation per square feet is 15$ – 60$ while the complete remodeling of your house might cost you from 19000$ – 74000$ on average, as it all depends on the size of the place, the materials, and appliances. If you are looking for just a bathroom or kitchen remodeling, then that is 100$ – 150$ on average per square feet. The costing normally includes labor and material also.

Generally, there are many companies that negotiate the pricing or might even offer discounts or sales as the services are looked upon. But there are several reasons the pricing may change. Some of them are:

  1. Age: The age of the place of remodeling or renovation house has a major impact on the pricing. For instance, if the place is very old, it might cost more as the systems and design are old. For new houses, the cost might be less as it is very easy to install the HVAC system or maybe even access the plumbing, wiring, etc.
  2. Size: Size also plays a major role in the pricing of renovation and remodeling. The larger the place of renovation, the higher it might cost. For example, if you want to modify your kitchen in a house with the area of around 4000 square feet, where the kitchen is guaranteed to be bigger, the cost will be greater then the cost of renovation in a house of area 1300 square feet, where the kitchen will be smaller.
  3.   Structural changes: Many remodels are done to make space or divide. This will include moving walls, which cost around 250$ – 500$ on average; it honestly varies on the complexity of the work required. It can increase in two conditions;

  • Walls are load-bearing: This means if the walls hold up the roof or ceiling, in which case a structural engineer is required to do the math of the rest of the problem.
  • Walls have mechanics: This means if the wall has plumbing, heating, or cooling ducts within them. It requires more effort to move, and you might need to pay extra for the labor and expertise that come with the job.

Type and amount of material: 

Another factor that affects pricing is material. Generally, if the material you need or require or wish to have is of less quality and quantity, it might cost less. For instance, if you’re renovating a kitchen and you wish you have granite countertops and custom cabinets instead of low-stock cabinets and maybe Corian or laminate countertop, they will definitely cost you more.

  1. Hiring an architect:  Factor number five, but no less important, is the fact whether you need an architect or not. Now, normally architects are required whenever there is a need for home additions or something of similar complexity. Architects also check whether the additions are meeting the local codes and the given permits. On average, an architect usually costs around 800$ – 3000$, depending on how complex the work is.
  2. Building permits: The average cost of building permits is around 300$ – 900$, also depending on the size and complexity of the remodeling or renovation. Permits are usually required for major remodelings, such as structural changes, additions, electrical, mechanical, or plumbing work.
  3. Interior painting: Almost every remodeling project, whether it is indoors or outdoors, requires exterior or interior paint job. The national cost of a paint job is 900$ for labor and material. This amount also varies on the size of the room, quality of the paint, the amount of prep work, and whether there are many things to trim and doors to paint.
  4. Flooring: If you are looking for new flooring, then on average, the cost is about 1,000$ – 10,000$, again also depending on the size of the room and the material required. Basic laminate floors will probably cost less than high-quality, hardwood flooring.
  5. Remodeling projects cost: Every remodeling project costs differ for the other, even on average. It is a given that the price of kitchen remodeling will definitely be different than the price of an additional room. The table below shows the average pricing of different remodeling projects;
Area of remodeling Pricing Range
Whole House (high-end) 75,000$ – 200,000$
Whole House (mid-end) 40,000$ – 75,000$
Whole House (low-end) 15,000$ – 40,000$
House Exterior 6,000$ – 20,000$
Kitchen 10,000$ – 50,000$
Bathroom 5,000$ – 25,000$
Roof/Ceiling 5,000$ – 11,000$
Bedroom/Living room 1,500$ – 10,000$
Basement/Attic 20,000$ – 75,000$

These are the average pricing range of remodeling projects, which can increase and decrease according to the size, space, quality of the material, and how complex the job actually is.

Hiring Professionals:

Since the remodeling jobs are actually quite complex and require none other than professionals, you might want to take the following steps while hiring a remodeling professional.

  1. Contractor: The first step is to hire a construction contractor which can help you along the way. A contractor is knowledgeable about the pricing of the service to the time and cost of the materials and even the quality.  
  2. Past work: The remodeling team you are hiring, always make sure to check their past projects and reviews, to know more about their performance and level of work. Also, make sure to explain in detail what type of remodeling you require as it might not be their area of expertise.
  3. License and Insurance: Always make sure the company and team you are hiring have the license to work, and they have the insured.
  4. Estimation Cost: Always make sure to check the costs and their estimation cost. Check with the team leader or contractor whether the demo cost, building permits cost, material cost, and other small odd costs are added in the estimation cost or not.
  5. Estimation Time: Always ask for the estimated time that is required for the remodeling project.

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