Floor renovation cost, maintenance & quotation in Montréal

Floor renovation cost, maintenance & quotation in Montréal

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The Best Local Floor Renovation Contractors Near Me

When renovating a house or an apartment, the floor is not spared in the majority of cases. A damaged carpet in a bedroom, old tiles in the living room, sealed parquet flooring or other, the floor is often the focus of a renovation. You will, therefore, have to allocate a budget for it. To help you put a price tag on this type of work, we give you all the prices you need to redo your floor with full knowledge of the facts.

Price for the installation and supply of a floating floor

A floating parquet floor is a parquet floor composed of wooden strips that fit together and laid directly on the floor. It is available in many models, from the most classic to the most upscale. The prices are therefore very different from one floating parquet floor to another. To give you a range, the price of floating parquet ranges from 20 to 60 $/m². It is essential to know that at 20 $, it is not a parquet of excellent quality, and it will probably be made of untreated wood.

Our advice: opt for a floating parquet from 30 $/m² minimum. Below this price, you should know that your parquet will have a short lifespan.

You have to add to this price the price of the installation, of course. A floating parquet floor is not complicated to lay, and therefore the cost of the building remains reasonable: between 20 and 35 $/m².

If your room has many corners, areas that are difficult to access, the price of the installation can quickly rise. The price of a floating floor, including laying, is between 35 and 90 $/m².

The price of laying a PVC floor

PVC floors are becoming more and more attractive to private individuals who are renovating their homes. It is a relatively aesthetic, practical and affordable product.

To install a PVC floor, you will have to pay between 20 and 25 $/m². To this, you have to add the price of a PVC floor, which is between 15 and 35 $ per m². The installation plus supplies will, therefore, cost you between 30 and 55 $ per m².

The price of waxed concrete laying and supplies

Waxed concrete has the wind in its sails with all those who are looking for a modern look. But this type of new coating is relatively difficult to install.

The cheapest solution is to opt for waxed concrete in kit form, primarily if you lay it alone. The price is between 30 and 65 $/m².

The price of laying waxed concrete is between 120 and 150 $ per m². For this price, the professional prepares the floor, applies the waxed concrete and takes care of the finishing touches.

Our advice: you should follow a waxed concrete course. It costs about 250 $ per day.

In two days, you will know how to make waxed concrete. This can be profitable. The calculation is worth doing.

The price of a carpet and its installation

Carpet is often chosen as a floor covering for a bedroom, office or playroom. There are many different carpet types: from low-quality synthetic to high-quality woollen carpets, the choice is vast.

This means that the price range is also wide. So you will find carpet at 20 $ per square meter and carpet at 230 $ per square meter. We advise you to choose a quality carpet with a price between 30 and 45 $ per square meter.

There are three ways of laying it:

  • Price for laying a loose laid carpet: 15 $ per m².
  • Price for laying a carpet per tension: 30 $ per m².
  • Price for laying a full glue-down carpet: 17 $ per m².

The price of the tile and the cost of installation

It isn’t effortless to set an overall price for the laying of a tile. Indeed, there is a wide choice of tiles, and that is why we give you the price for each type of tile.

  • Mosaic: between 15 and 70 $/m².
  • Ceramic Stoneware: between 25 and 170 $/m².
  • Terracotta: between 40 and 120 $ per m².
  • Marble: between 55 and 180 $ per m².
  • Earthenware: between 25 and 155 $ per m².
  • Tomettes between 35 and 100 $ per m².
  • Slate: between 45 and 90 $ per m².
  • Travertine: between 40 and 70 $ per m².
  • Glass paste: between 10 and 80 $ per m².
  • Cement: between 55 and 170 $ per m².
  • Imitation parquet flooring: between 55 and 75 $ per sq.

The price of the installation varies from 30 to 60 $ per m². But beware, this price depends on the difficulty of the laying as mosaic tiles.

The price of a marble renovation

To have a marble floor is to have a luxurious but above all sublime floor. However, marble can become dull over time, showing traces of scratches or stains.

It is then necessary to renovate it to give it back its former lustre. There are several ways to remodel a marble floor: polishing, crystallization and sanding.

The price of polishing will cost you between 15 and 20 $ per m².

The price of crystallization of marble is, in most cases, around 35 $ per m².

The price of a marble renovation costs around 50 $ m².

Other professional floor renovation prices

Our local contractors give you the price of some work that you may have to carry out during your renovation:

  • Price of the verification of a parquet floor: between 25 and 40 $ the m².
  • Cost of a fibred flooring: between 29 and 49 $ per m².
  • Price of plaster patching: between 29 and 39 $ per m².
  • Price of a carpet shampoo: between 15 and 22 $ per m².
  • Cost of a screed: between 25 and 35 $ per m².

In summary

You now have all the cards in hand to establish the cost of renovating your floor. Don’t hesitate to make quotes and compare prices from one contractor to another. There are also a few things you can try to do yourself to lighten the load on your floor. Get such as carpeting, tiling or flooring. That’s what winning is all about!

Be careful about what you choose for your floor. There can be a big difference in price. Between the models, such as for tiling in particular. Once your budget is set, don’t change your mind about a model because you’ll risk biting your fingers.

The best way to know your budget: ask for quotes.

A floor renovation cannot be improvised. It requires specific know-how that not everyone has. It also needs time and effort. Indeed, laying a carpet is not complicated if you are a minimum handyman. Still, if you are not, or for any other type of floor renovation, it is better to call in a professional.

In the case of a renovation, this implies that a floor is already present. Tiles, carpeting, linoleum, so you have to start there. But breaking a tile requires equipment, which means that you have tons of rubble to remove, and you have to repair the floor and then lay the covering you have chosen.

By entrusting the floor renovation to a professional, you don’t have to worry about anything, the work is well done, and you save time. As you have seen above, installing a floor by a worker is not the most expensive in itself, given the advantages of using a professional contractor.

It also means having someone qualified to advise you before installing your project on this or that type of floor or the aesthetic aspect. It is also the guarantee of a floor renovation that will be done according to the art’s rules and with a long life span. Finding a contractor near you is also very simple by making online estimates. It’s free, without obligation, and it allows you to compare prices without moving from home!

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