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Bathroom Renovation and Remodeling

The bathroom is more than just a passing room in the morning and evening. It has become an intimate place dedicated to relaxation and which is renovated with as much attention as a living room or kitchen.

This usually sober and purely useful room has undergone a revolution in recent years. It is becoming more modern, more comfortable, more focused on well-being with the appearance of jet showers or whirlpool baths but also designer basins and more intelligent lighting.

However this comfort has a real impact on the cost of bathroom renovation and quickly increases the bill according to what the Client wishes to realize.

That's why we detail the cost of bathroom renovations according to your budget.

Average costs of a bathroom renovation

When renovating a bathroom, there are many things you can do. We propose to give you the average costs of the work with the installation or the most frequently purchased equipment.


Full bathroom renovation including:

Professional Bathroom Renovation in Montreal

The shower

Today there is a wide range of showers available. From the simple tray to the Italian shower, not forgetting the shower cubicle, there is something for every layout, every taste and of course every budget.
To give you an idea, a simple shower with an above-ground tray costs less than 200 $, an Italian shower with a built-in tray costs between 600 and 2000 $ and for a shower cubicle, you will have to pay between 400 and 1550 $.


Sabot bathtub, round Jacuzzi type bathtub, asymmetrical bathtub, rectangular bathtub, equipped with whirlpool, here again, the choice is vast. Therefore the prices can be very different from one model to another.
You will find simple models starting 200 $ and top-of-the-range models whose price can approach 2100 $.

Washbasins and washbasins

The basins have become real decorative objects in a bathroom.
A classic pedestal washbasin will cost you around 100 $, while a double stone basin (very trendy) will cost about 11 00 $.

Bathroom furniture

For optimum space-saving, the choice is most often made for a vanity unit.
For everything that is bathroom column, plan a budget ranging from about 60 to 250 $.

The taps

They are generally discreet, and one can think that they are not expensive. But that, plus this and that, means that in the end, the bill can quickly become more expensive.
Traditional mixers are less and less used, especially in the case of bathroom renovations.
It is not the best solution to save water, but for small budgets, it is the ideal solution—plan between 70 and 200 $ for this kind of taps.

Mixer taps, on the other hand, are famous for the water savings they make possible. The price for a good quality mixer tap is around 160 $ and between 190 and 450$ for an infrared mixer tap (it is triggered when you put your hands under the tap).

The towel dryer

Towel dryer-electric-Atlantic Towel dryer used to be a comfort. It is still a comfort, altought many people see it practical especially in winter. That's why these appliances sell like hotcakes.

It can cost between 160 and 500$ for a mid-range model, between 300 and 750 $ for a mixed model and up to 1,000 $ for a designer towel warmer with swivel bars, fan function, programmable thermostat or others.

Connection work by a professional

There are situations where you need to hire a professional for your renovation work. You can't do everything yourself, often due to a lack of time and experience.

Be aware that connection work by a plumber can cost between 1100 and 2200 $.

In summary

If we were to give you an approximate price of the total cost of your renovation work, it would be 450 $/m² to completely redo a 4 to 5 m² bathroom and around 700 $ minimum for an 8 to 10 m² bathroom.
Be careful about the materials you use and the equipment you buy. They can double or even triple the bill.
If you call on a professional, make sure to get several quotes from different craftsmen.

The best way to know your budget: ask for quotes

We always try to help you as much as possible in estimating your budget. But it is important to remember that each job is unique: the only way to know precisely your budget is to ask for a quote.
This is why we suggest that you use our quote generator. It's completely free and without obligation. It only takes 5 minutes, and you get three quotes from local professionals. In short, it's perfect to know precisely the cost of your work. So why not give it a try?

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