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Price of tiles for a bathroom

Tile is the ultimate bathroom covering. It is elegant, suitable for this wet room, design, easy to lay to clean and to maintain.

You can choose between earthenware, stoneware, terracotta or porcelain tiles. Each variant has a different cost, both in terms of the model and the desired installation.

The earthenware tile

It is a tile often chosen in the case of a renovation and is recommended to cover a wall rather than a floor (too fragile in case of shocks). It is easy to maintain and resistant to humidity.

Its fragility makes it better to call a professional for its installation. If you choose this type of tile, it will cost you from 23 to 49 $ per square meter. Add between 39 and 79 $ per square meter for installation by a tiler.

Sandstone tiles

Made from terracotta and a mixture of natural minerals, it has lovely natural colors. It is preferred for the bathroom floor due to its resistance to wear and scratches, as well as easy cleaning.

The cost of a stoneware tile is between 16 and 74 $ per m². To lay this type of tile, add 24 to 49$ for the same surface.

Porcelain tiles

Porcelain tile is a high-end tile offering exceptional natural beauty. The cost is therefore high: 74 $ per square meter minimum and 300 $ /m² for a top-of-the-range model. It is also more expensive to lay than a classic tile: between 35 and 65$ per m².

Terracotta tiles

Very resistant, this type of tile costs between 15 and 40 $ per square meter. As a general rule, a tiler asks 30 $ /m² for the laying of this type of tile.

The Larger the room is, the higher the price of the tile is. It is one of the most expensive steps when renovating a bathroom. We recommend to plan on average, 85 $ per square meter for the supply and laying of the tiles. This price does not include the removal of your old tiles.


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