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What is the budget for the decoration?

What is the budget for the decoration?

And yes, it should be included the budget. Decoration should not be taken lightly. Your room is a place where everything must be done to make you feel at ease, to make you feel good in this room. So take care of the details in decorating your room.
Here are some prices to help you estimate the budget for the decoration of your future room:

  • Lighting (ceiling light, bedside lamps, recessed spotlights, wall lights): between 600 and 700
  • Rods and curtains: about 350 $ per window.
  • Other decorations: carpets: about 170 $, frames: about 220 $, dressing table: about 200 $.

The budget depends, of course, on your desires. Some people will prefer a sober decor, while others will want a more oversized one.
Don't forget; there are plenty of tips for decorating your room yourself.


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