The cost of masonry in renovation in montreal

The cost of masonry in renovation in montreal

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2021 The cost of masonry in renovation – Quotes and Prices

When it comes to renovation, it is very common to have to do or have masonry work done. Whether it is to knock down a partition, to make an opening in a wall or others. When you renovate a house, you enlarge the rooms or completely change the layout of the rooms. These are essential works, and it is preferable to know the cost before embarking on such a project. We have therefore reviewed the most common types of work done during a renovation.

The cost to knock down or a partition

We’re sure you’re telling yourself that it doesn’t cost anything to break down a division since all you need is a mass and a few muscles. You’re mistaken. It is advisable to go through a craftsman for safety reasons. That’s all. For several reasons:

  1. Tearing down a partition can be dangerous with falling material.
  2. The price for knocking down a partition depends on the type of separation (in plasterboard, it is not complicated whereas a bricklayer requires more work), the size of the section (many worker charges per m²) and the presence or not of pipes or cables (it is, therefore, possible to call in a plumber or electrician).
  3. The cost to knock down a partition costs between 150 and 450 $.

The price of a partition

Whether to insulate your home during a renovation, hide electrical cables, or improve the decor of the room, installing a separation is very common when renovating a house. The term partition is a broad one. It can be made of plasterboard, honeycomb panels, bricks or cellular concrete.

For the cost of a partition, one must take into account its size, the material used, the finishes and whether it is mobile or fixed:

  • Cost of a plaster partition: between 19 and 49 $ per plasterboard. Add approximately 40 $ per m² for the installation.
  • Cost of a mobile division: between 290 and 550 $
  • Cost of the structure of a brick partition: approximately 50 $ per m².
  • Cost of an aerated concrete division: 79 $ per m².

The cost of breaking a load-bearing wall

Beware, breaking a load-bearing wall can be very risky, as we said earlier. It’s better to call in a professional Home Renovation Contractors .

Every job is different, and so is every cost. The budget to be planned for this type of work depends on the size of the opening in the load-bearing wall, the structure and material of the load-bearing wall, the kind of protection to be placed, and the size of the room.

According to our estimates, you will never pay less than 1650 $ to break a load-bearing wall during your work. The average project is more like 21000 to 5500 $ to knock down a load-bearing wall.

The cost of drying out the walls

Moisture problems on a wall can have serious consequences, and you should not delay before taking action. A renovation is an opportunity to take care of it.

Drying out a wall is expensive, and that is why we wanted to talk to you about it and primarily to give you a cost before starting this type of work. For once, we don’t recommend that you do it yourself.

It is possible to buy a wall drying unit but be aware that you risk damaging your walls, badly placing the probes and therefore not having the result you expect. The average price of a wall drying unit is 4500 $. The cheapest rates are around 2200 $ and the most expensive, at about 6500 $.

The cost of a concrete slab

When renovating your house, you may have planned to enlarge it or make a terrace, for example. Be aware that the cost of a concrete slab is 85 $/m², worker included.

The cost of the structural work

Do you want to make a cinder block garage, for example? Then you will need to plan a budget of 600 $/m². If the garage is semi-buried or buried, you will have to add 230 $/m².

The cost of a house extension

Do you need more space and want to enlarge your house? The cost of an extension depends on its nature, the materials used, the type of architecture, the surface area, and the land’s nature. For a cinder block extension, plan a budget of 1700 $/m².

In summary

Assembling a partition, breaking a load-bearing wall, enlarging a house are complex jobs that require a certain amount of know-how. Some can do it themselves and even build a house, but not all individuals have the skills. Calling on a craftsman is the best choice for everything concerning masonry.

The price of a mason excluding supply is between 55 and 75 $/m². To that, it will thus be necessary to add the tax.

A day’s work of a mason, therefore, costs between 290 and 390 $. But beware, this price can be different from one region to another.

Ask for more information, but above all, make an estimate and compare. Our last piece of advice, and it is essential to be careful not to hire an undeclared mason.

The temptation can be great for this type of work, but the consequences can be severe and not only at the legal level (problems of faulty workmanship, among others).

Price of masonry, don’t wait any longer. Ask for a quote

In renovation, it is very common to break a wall to enlarge a room, mount one, split a load-bearing wall, etc. You cannot become a mason overnight, and if you have never broken a load-bearing wall, we advise you not to do it yourself.

For everything concerning masonry, it is advisable to call in a professional. Why should you do this? Quite simply because these are works that require certain know-how. Breaking a load-bearing wall, for example, does not have to be done just anyhow. Not even the creation of a wall.

Checking whether the wall is load-bearing or not, taking measurements, making the right choices, making cement, aligning cinder blocks according to the rules of the art of laying rails for a plasterboard wall, in short, everything concerning masonry is very complicated, and only a professional can guarantee you a job well done.

To break a load-bearing wall and for all that concerns your masonry work in the case of a renovation of a room, a house or an apartment, to call upon a craftsman is the most reasonable choice. But how do you choose a professional near you? It is effortless. All you have to do is make an online quote, and you will get several quotes from professionals near you. All you have to do is choose the one whose section best suits your budget.

Masonry is a job that is mainly reserved for experienced do-it-yourselfers or professionals. However, by calling on a craftsman, you are guaranteed work well done and quickly!

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